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A resounding THANK YOU to all of you who donated items, sold them on eBay, or bought an item (or two or three or more!). This year, the total of all the closing bid amounts was $400.78. That's huge. That's 32 auctions, 25 of which closed with a sale. It might seem like a drop in the bucket, but every penny counts towards an important cause like breast cancer research. I will be having PayPal cut a check from the proceeds (which will be a little less than $400 due to PayPal fees, but what can you do) and I will turn that into a money order for the Susan G. Komen as soon as I receive it in the mail.
I really want to thank all of you for sticking with this project this year, in spite of eBay issues, major disasters (which often make ongoing charities fade into the background), and any other issues that arose. Thanks to firinel for our web design (which made my life a million times easier!), phyto for having the first auctions up within minutes of the auctions officially starting (8 journals selling for a total of $91.09), our three anonymous knitters/crocheters who heard about the auctions and just handed items to Kathy Johnson to give to me, my local Stitch N Bitch gals for rallying to the cause (both by donating and purchasing!) and all of you who made items, from Norway to Canada to the USA.
This has been quite the learning experience for me, coordinating our efforts from my home and work computers in small-town Massachusetts, but I have no reservations about doing it again next year. It is part of my faith to believe that we are given our gifts not only for our own benefit, but so that we can use them to give to others who are not as fortunate. I've been given a knack for organizing and coordinating big projects, so I choose to make these things happen. You have all been given artistic ability that allows you to bring pieces of beauty into this world. For sharing this beauty with all of us, I thank you.
In fact, I'm feeling so inspired, I'm thinking of an MS benefit in May, the proceeds of which I would donate to the MS Society through my mother, who lives with it each day and has never let it get the best of her. My cousin and she will be organizing a local MS Walk as his Eagle Scout Project this year, even. (She regularly raises about $3000 in sponsors for doing the MS Walk in our area each year and is more than ready to take on the challenge of running one.) If an MS project is something that interests you, please keep it in mind and watch this space... I'll announce something about it in early spring in this community.

Thank you all for being part of this, from the bottom of my heart.
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