Jena (jena) wrote in pink_auctions,

status report for October 10, 2006

The new version of the site will hopefully be up for this weekend... we're revamping it on Friday night. It won't be a drastic difference, and the current site serves us well for now. :)

The official start date will be this Sunday, October 15. If you have items ready to list, have information to me by then if you want me to list them, or you can do it yourself. You MUST use the template (which is on our site... and the subject line of the auction MUST begin with the phrase "PINK AUCTIONS:".
This helps us cut down on imposters, which yes, we have had in the past.

Any questions or whathaveyou, feel free to email me: pinkauctions(at)bluejena(dot)net.

Five more days! :)
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