Jena (jena) wrote in pink_auctions,

the basics

Artist and makers of all kinds - we welcome all contributions of items to be auctioned off!
The only rules are thus:
1. handmade (made by you - for example, digital art is "handmade" even though it's not a physical item manipulated in your hands)
2. significantly pink - pink must be a predominant color in some way
3. all proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research, except shipping (at your discretion)

You can list items yourself under your own eBay/Etsy/Artfire account if you wish, as long as you put "PINK AUCTIONS" in the listing title. Alternately, we have a username for each of those sites and I am happy to do the listing for you as long as you provide all the information necessary. (In that case, you will still need to do all the shipping and communication with the buyer as you will still have the physical item. We'll sort out shipping costs on a case-by-case basis if this is the route you choose.)
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