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the basics

Artist and makers of all kinds - we welcome all contributions of items to be auctioned off!
The only rules are thus:
1. handmade (made by you - for example, digital art is "handmade" even though it's not a physical item manipulated in your hands)
2. significantly pink - pink must be a predominant color in some way
3. all proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research, except shipping (at your discretion)

You can list items yourself under your own eBay/Etsy/Artfire account if you wish, as long as you put "PINK AUCTIONS" in the listing title. Alternately, we have a username for each of those sites and I am happy to do the listing for you as long as you provide all the information necessary. (In that case, you will still need to do all the shipping and communication with the buyer as you will still have the physical item. We'll sort out shipping costs on a case-by-case basis if this is the route you choose.)
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Pink Auctions 2009!

So, we're waking the Pink Auctions up from their long nap and reviving them for this year!
Nothing has been started yet, other than a Facebook page and I'll nab the appropriate usernames on Etsy and Artfire ASAP, but just letting you all know that I'm going to attempt to bring it all back this year. I was busy in October of 2007 getting married and then being in grad school this past year, but I'll be finishing my Masters in the next week or two and will be able to do this for this October!

Spread the good word and look for us on Facebook! :)

Edit (10:41PM):
We now have the following usernames to sell under:
eBay: pink_auctions
Etsy: pinkauctions
Artfire: pinkauctions
Twitter: @pinkauctions

More info and changes to come - I need to finish up this Masters degree first! (I'll be done in the next week or two.)
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breast cancer segments on Science Friday

March 30, 2007 - Hour One: Climate Change and Climate Zones/Dinosaur Extinction and the Rise of Mammals/Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines
listen to the segment on breast cancer: mp3 download

June 1, 2007 - Hour One: Breast Cancer Genetics/Carbon Sequestration/Producing Hydrogen
listen to the segment on breast cancer: mp3 download

Both podcasts are also available in the iTunes Store for free.

We will still go ahead with the Pink Auctions 2007 if there is enough interest... please let me know if you are. We won't do it if we don't have enough participation - last year we didn't do so well!
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busy - catching up

As you may have seen in my LJ (jena or yarnharpy), I've been a little bit busy getting engaged and all. ;)

I'm going to relist the unsold items as well as the new items within the next couple days, now that the whole thing is starting to settle down a little bit. :)
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auctions for 24 October 2006

PINK AUCTIONS: pink takeout purse (Julie Sprague) (sting_dragon)
PINK AUCTIONS Angel Heart unmounted rubber stamp UM 604 (mischief_wa)
PINK AUCTIONS: "Hope For Tomorrow" (Cathy Johnson) EBSQ (katequicksilvr)
PINK AUCTIONS: "Pink Fey" (Cathy Johnson) EBSQ (katequicksilvr)

I will be posting more auctions tomorrow (silver and rose quartz jewelry from katequicksilvr, a water bottle cozy/bag of mine, and maybe more items if I get any donations at knitting night tomorrow) so please check back in!
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If you have any items ready for auction, feel free to begin posting them today!

The template is on the website: and I'll be more than happy to help you if needed - just send me all the necessary information (pictures, descriptions, all that... again, check out the website).

Let's save some breasts! :)
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status report for October 10, 2006

The new version of the site will hopefully be up for this weekend... we're revamping it on Friday night. It won't be a drastic difference, and the current site serves us well for now. :)

The official start date will be this Sunday, October 15. If you have items ready to list, have information to me by then if you want me to list them, or you can do it yourself. You MUST use the template (which is on our site... and the subject line of the auction MUST begin with the phrase "PINK AUCTIONS:".
This helps us cut down on imposters, which yes, we have had in the past.

Any questions or whathaveyou, feel free to email me: pinkauctions(at)bluejena(dot)net.

Five more days! :)